Board of Directors

Dr. Kai Dupe

Director of Technology & Innovation

Dr. Kai Dupe is an international advocate for spiritual and digital literacy. As a technical trainer and software development engineer with over 30 years of experience in the information technology industry, he has dedicated his life to helping underrepresented communities reach their full potential. He earned his doctorate in educational technology from Pepperdine University where his research study Coding While Black focused on the lack of African American software development engineers in the tech industry.


"Most in the African American community are woefully uninformed when it comes to an understanding of proper nutrition for the mind and body. It is my belief that providing knowledge in these two most critical disciplines can have the greatest impact in the effort to heal our communities."

Teresa Wilson

Chairwoman of the Board

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Daesha Jordan

Secretary of the Board

Jason Session

Director of Operations & Development

Jason Session is a Senior Program Manager with 20+ years of military and diplomatic experience developing and managing relationships with Contractors and Inter-Department Management to support programs for 850 staff members. He possesses a comprehensive background in change management and budget allocation derived from conducting acquisition and procurement of nearly $10M in government materials for simultaneous network infrastructure projects. His 20+ year military career is supported by Master of Business Administration Degree and Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information Security Clearance, complete with Polygraph. 


"Nutritional knowledge plays a vital role in our overall health. Providing relatable consumption information and how it impacts physical, and mental energy is of the essence. I aim to be impactful to a community by being accessible. Through my global experience and disciplined background, I'm here to provide this perspective to a diverse community of people."

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